Our Coaches

Cody Snyder


  • Coached all levels of cheer, from middle school, college to allstar for 14 years
  • 12 years as a UCA instructor, AACCA safety instructor for Florida 
  • FHSAA, UCA and USAF rules committee member   
  • 1 of 16 people chosen from the USA to perform in London during the 2012 summer Olympic Games   
  • Cheered at the University of Central Florida for 2 years   
  • 14 years experience as a judge for school, pop warner, and all star cheer  competitions   
  • Guest speaker at Florida high school coaches conferences and pop warner coaches conferences    
  • Coached teams to multiple state and national titles, from American Championships state to Cheersport Nationals in Atlanta.   
  • Coached teams who received bids to D1 Summit   
  • But most of all a Proud father of two amazing boys.  Connor 3 y/o and  Caden 1 y/o  

Kel Alexander

 • 12 years of coaching experience
• USASF levels 1-5 Certified stunting and tumbling
• FSU collegiate cheerleader
• UCF collegiate competitive cheerleader (Top 3)
• International spirit (Team Puerto Rico worlds team) & OO5/O4 (TG) All-star athlete
• 10 years of judging experience
• All-star and High school choreographer for competitive cheer & dance for state and national championship programs
• Cast as 'Prairie Dog ' in the movie - 'Bring It On : In It To Win It'