Camps and Clinics


 Aerial Elite Summer Training is fully instructional and designed for both new and experienced athletes to work on all aspects of tumbling including skill building and progression, technique perfection, friendship, and fun!  Our highly skilled and experienced coaches will work with athletes in a structured, positive and encouraging environment.

Throughout the day, athletes will work on building and improving skills including:

• Tumbling
• Jumps
• Motions
• Conditioning

Aerial Elite summer tumble is a full day experience open to athletes ages 6 and up. Everyone is welcome (boys and girls) - you do not need to be on one of our teams to attend. 

Summer Cheer Camps

 Attend one of our summer cheer camps and get a fun filled week of stunts, pyramids, tumbling cheer and dance.  All choreographed to music and ready to perform for your parents and friends on Friday.  Kids love attending our summer camp and being able to show off everything they've learned. So sign up now and bring a friend!

 Recommended athlete attire -Tank or tee, Shorts (preferably with spandex underneath), cheer shoes or sneakers. No sports bras alone please.